Encouragement Daily

 . . . Is Here!

The way you start your day matters. Our world is a dark place. We are bombarded on all sides with bad news that leads to stress. What if you could get off to a good start? Through these devotionals, your day can begin on a positive note making everything that comes after easier to handle.

You’ll discover:

  • How much God loves you.
  • That you can live a blessed life in the middle of the storms.
  • God wants to bless you.
  • You can influence the world around you for the better.
  • There is an enemy trying to stall or stop your best work.
  • Everything you need to know about wearing the Full Armor of God.
  • That you were created for greatness.
  • How to run your own race and reach your destiny.
  • Why Grace overrides everything else.
  • How you can shine your light to dispel the darkness of this world.
  • How the promises God made to Abraham are still available to you today.
  • How your love for God pales in comparison to His love for you.

Years in the making, Encouragement Daily will be available September 12th! “Dr. Bob” has been on a mission to encourage people. He wrote this book to shine a light into this dark world. Read it daily to be inspired!

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Here’s What People Have Said About “Dr. Bob’s” Encouragement Daily!

The devotionals are wonderful and a daily blessing. Thanks so much, Karen W

I just want to tell you that I read these everyday; they lift me, make me think and always bring light to my life. Thanks, Mark T

I thought you should know that your messages have a positive impact on myself and my 15 year old son. So….thank you!! Please keep them coming!  Yours in Christ, Lynn

Another awesome message..thanks Bob. I also really liked “I hate this job”. I shared that with a few of my friends….I think that some of them may have signed up to receive your devotions now.  God is good!    Blessings, Kelly T

What I love about your writing Bob is that it is so real. Everyone can relate. Keep it up Bob, you are inspiring, discipling, and giving hope all at the same time. Don’t ever stop!  God Bless, Jerry C

I am really enjoying your Encouragement Daily. You have a true gift and your love for Christ explodes in your devotions. Thank you so much. Our Church and the Honduras Ministry is blessed to have you. Sue B


Let “Dr. Bob” walk you through the Bible each day and share the love and grace of God with you to lighten the darkness. Let’s take this journey together. You will be encouraged and have the tools needed to encourage others. Please forward this information to your friends or buy copies yourself to give them for Christmas!

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