Why I Wrote Encouragement Daily

Welcome to Encouragement Daily. Why am I writing this? I have been inspired to do so! I write because there are too many people unhappy and unfulfilled. Are you one of them? Walk with me as we learn, together, how much we are loved and how wonderfully we were made!

I wanted to encourage you at a time when many need encouragement. Also, I read them myself. When I write down these thoughts which are given me, it helps me clarify my thinking. I am reminded of who I am and whose I am and what He wants for and from me. If you are like me (and you probably are), you are too critical of yourself. You have a tendency to forget your successes and amplify your shortcomings. Well be encouraged! As Ethel Waters said; “God don’t make no junk”! You are fearfully and wonderfully made. I hope this helps you live with abandon and be a light in this dark world. Let me know how you do. I know you will do marvelous things.

This is a daunting endeavor. I feel the call but I am not always sure I am up to the task. Pray for me also, that whenever I write, words may be given me that I might fearlessly proclaim the Gospel. Pray that I might be equipped, strengthened and empowered to run this race and manage to accomplish the task to which I am being called. Let me know if and how these words are helping you. Be blessed!

In Him, “Dr. Bob” Springer

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